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Will the tiling hide the swirls?

Will the tiling hide the swirls?
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A ceramiccoating is notscratch-proof, but can significantly reduce the likelihood of swirl marks appearing. A ceramic coating works by providing an ultra-thin but exceptionally strong and flat layer of protection. Your car is always at the mercy of the elements, so you should consider investing in a ceramic coating. Compared to a band-aid solution, this perceived “softness” leads to the misconception that ceramic is the key to fixing damaged paintwork.

This applies to all types of tile products on the market, even those labeled “professional grade” on their packaging. Let’s talk about what a ceramic coating actually does on the car, its merits and what to do before using it. However, what car owners and detailers should bear in mind is that ceramic coating does not enhance the paint job itself. The first coat is a paint that adds colour to the bodywork, and the second coat is a translucent coating that still allows the colour layer to be seen.

There is a misconception that applying a ceramic coating over a deteriorated paintwork is a quick and reliable solution. The car is treated with a specially formulated chemical before applying the coating to remove any small pieces of metal that may get trapped in the paint and cause swirl marks. If you use ceramic coat ings for repairs, it is likely to magnify imperfections rather than hide them. Ceramic coatings bond at a nanometre level chemically to the surface of your car, not topically, so your original paint and the coating itself become one unit.

Through a process called “levelling, scratches are filled with residue after removal of the clear coat. We will also discuss why it is important to first fix damaged paint (whether it is banding, swirl marks or scuffs) before using any sealer, wax, DIY coating or professional coating. In fact, any obvious problems your paint had before you applied the coating will become even more obvious after you put it on. This is the rallying point for tile manufacturers, who claim that if your paint has chipped or cracked, simply spraying a coating over it will solve the problem.