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will ceramic coating hide scratches?

will ceramic coating hide scratches?
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Ceramic coating, whether applied by do-it-yourselfers or a professional detailer, is intended to protect the surface where it is applied. While nanotechnology allows it to penetrate scratches and imperfections in porous materials, it does not fill in swirl marks or scratches to remove them. To make things easier for you, look for a nano ceramic solution that is a one-coat application process, meaning you only apply it once and don’t need to do any extra work. If your car is going to be protected for the next 3 years with a ceramic coating solution, it will be worthwhile to remove those existing scratches before applying a nano-ceramic coating.

This applies to all types of ceramic coating products on the market, even those with “professional grade” on their packaging. Since you are already paying a fair amount of money on a ceramic coating product, it is worth noting that to get your money’s worth, you should do some pre-work to make the ceramic coating application more effective. Most car owners apply nano-ceramic coating on their vehicles to protect the paintwork against bad weather, debris, chemicals, etc. They have removed existing scratches on their vehicle with a scratch removal compound and then applied the nano-coating to protect against future scratches.

There are ceramic coating products on the market that require you to do 2 or more coats of an application, and this can be very time consuming. In fact, any obvious problems with your paint before you apply the coating will be even more prominent after you apply it. Ceramic coatings bond chemically to the surface of your car, not topically, so the original paint and the coating become one unit. This is the rallying point for ceramic coating manufacturers, who claim that if your paint has chipped or cracked, simply spraying a coat over it will solve the problem.

Over time, the use of stiff brushes will slowly begin to remove the effectiveness of the tile product. When choosing the right type of ceramic coating for your car, you should consult a professional to make sure you are getting the best possible type of coating to suit your vehicle’s needs. Through a process called “levelling, scratches are filled with residue after the clear coat is removed. If you frequently go to a car wash after coating your vehicle with a ceramic application, you should reduce the time you spend washing your car with stiff brushes.