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why is ceramic coating so expensive?

why is ceramic coating so expensive?
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Ceramic tile is expensive for several reasons. The product itself costs much more than a bottle of wax. It takes longer to apply and requires more experience to get it right. It also works better and lasts longer than other protections, so naturally it has a higher price tag.

Armor Shield IX has been developed so that the average car consumer can apply a high quality professional ceramic coating themselves, without needing a master’s degree in engineering or automotive technology. Ceramic coating is basically a newer and more advanced way of protecting paintwork than previous waxes or sealants. While I’ve given you a general idea of what ceramic coating is and whether it’s worthwhile, you may still have some slightly more specific questions. If your car is of low value and already has a lot of defects, tarnishing is still beneficial, but it is similar to polishing a turd.

For a professional, do-it-yourself ceramic coating, elementary maintenance means washing the car every two weeks. In addition, the car stays shinier and the paintwork is less prone to rust thanks to the coating. Product quality, ease of installation and ease of use are important factors in choosing the best DIY nano quartz coating. Whenever considering investing in a nano-ceramic coating product, it is important to start by examining the current state of the paint.

It is a known fact that DIY ceramic coatings are remarkably good products for protecting the paint surface of cars. You are the do-it-yourselfer and give prevalence to the task of preparing and establishing the high quality tile yourself. If you have the money to pay for a complete ‘detailing of the new car and ceramic coating, you would certainly do it. In recent years, ceramic coating has increased in popularity, but there are still many car enthusiasts who don’t know what it does.

In fact, when there is paint damage such as swirl marks, scratches, faded paint, and stains caused by bird shit and insect guts, the coating will amplify these imperfections – not hide them. If you are 90% prepared to buy a high quality tile kit, there are some important elements to consider that will help you reduce mistakes and produce quality results.