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why ceramic coating?

why ceramic coating?
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The ceramic coating protects the car’s paintwork from stains and damage and keeps it cleaner for longer. After application, it also makes it easier to follow up car washes and protects the car from harmful UV rays. The ceramic coating creates an intense water drip and dirt run-off and gives the car an extremely high gloss. The point is that, with nano-ceramic coatings, you cannot have an effective multiple surface protector that is of high quality.

There are other ceramic coatings that do not contain SiO2 or TiO2 that reproduce an incredible slippery surface. OK – technically you can apply several coats of a DIY ceramic coating, and wipe it off with a microfiber towel, but it’s not going to stick or accomplish anything except waste your money. If you’re a fan of keeping your car’s exterior clean and shiny, then you’ve probably heard of a ceramic coating. Ceramic car coating prep work consists of a car wash decontamination, clay bar treatment, paint correction (if imperfections are present) and a final IPA (isopropyl alcohol) surface panel spray prep.

One of the reasons why Ceramic Pro 9H is only applied in a controlled environment and by trained experts is the complexity of the installation. A ceramic coating makes it easier for debris, liquids and chemicals to bounce off the exterior rather than damage it. However, you can opt to have a professional car showroom help you with preparation if necessary, but at that point, it makes sense to spend a few dollars more on a genuine ceramic paint protection option. As a liquid polymer, ceramic coatings adhere to the paintwork and act as a first line of defence against scratches, dirt and water.

Adding a ceramic coating to your car has several benefits for the longevity of your car’s exterior and its appearance. Ceramic Pro 9H has a ceramic coating for car paint, one for windows, a formula for vinyl and PPF, one for leather and one for textiles. Now, let’s be clear: a ceramic car coating, regardless of the formula, does not COVER scratches, stains or minor damage to car paint. Simply put, if you want a true ceramic coating, the professional grade route is the best route.

That said, here are six reasons why a professional coating like Ceramic Pro 9H is far superior to the best DIY ceramic coatings.