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which car coating is the best?

which car coating is the best?
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Carceramic coatings protect your car’s clear coat from environmental and UV damage, so yes, they are good for your car. Car ceramic coatings can last between three months and three years, depending on the product you buy. A high-quality ceramic coating can change the look of your car: it intensifies the colour of your car’s paint, adds a glass-like finish and protects your vehicle from the elements. While an ultra-gloss finish is desirable, the purpose of quality ceramic coatings is to provide long-lasting protection against UV exposure, environmental pollutants and light scratches.

Ethos Car Care is a US-based company that focuses more on high quality and locally manufactured ingredients to make products that deliver. It is a shine enhancer, so it will leave your car sparkling, as well as being anti-scratch and anti-sand and dust. Another three-in-one formula, the coating protects your vehicle from rain, UV rays, dirt, debris and industrial fallout after one application. As an added bonus, the patent-pending ceramic gloss technology works as an application aid and allows you to see where the coating has been applied.

This kit includes 50 ml of Nasiol ZR53 ceramic coating, application pads, gloves, two microfibre cloths and other accessories. As such, the harder the coating, the better its job of protecting the car and its exterior. As not all car owners are DIY gurus, one thing to look for in a ceramic coating product is ease of application. Of Black Ice will coat a mid-sized vehicle with an unbeatable glossy finish that supports a watertight, hydrophobic drip pattern.

The ceramic coating is designed with hydrophobic SiO2 compounds to ensure that water is released and filled after application. Other ceramic paint protection products include Ethos PRO Ceramic Wax – Aerospace Coating Protection. Ensure your vehicle is thoroughly washed (preferably with a pH balanced shampoo) before applying the ceramic coating.