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where can i buy ceramic coating?

where can i buy ceramic coating?
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Well – technically you can apply several layers of a DIY ceramiccoating, and wipe it off with a microfibre towel, but it won’t stick or achieve anything except waste your money. If you are in Europe and want to buy Nano ceramic for your car’s coating, there is a company known as Nasiol that specialises in ceramics only. If your means of transport is a yacht, Nano ceramic coating can provide protection against salt water, bird droppings, moss and sun while at sea. The intention of a ceramic coated car is to provide a long lasting protective shield, to block UV rays, light chemicals, road grime, animal waste and other contaminants from damaging the substrate or coated surface.

Ceramic Pro 9H has a ceramic coating for car paint, one for windows, a formula for vinyl and PPF, one for leather and one for textiles. The preparation work for the ceramic car coating consists of a decontamination car wash, a clay bar treatment, a paint correction (if there are imperfections) and a final cleaning of the surface with IPA (isopropyl alcohol). There is also a chat tab where you can contact the supplier for further details about the ceramic paint you want to buy. However, if you want true professional ceramic coating protection, don’t get hung up on SiO2 percentages.

Now let’s be clear – a ceramic car coating, regardless of formulation, does not COVER scratches, stains or minor damage to the car’s paintwork. Ceramic Pro 9H ceramic coating, on the other hand, can create depth, so coating packs can last over 5 years, protects car paint against swirl marks, bird droppings, produces a hydrophobic coating, and is a true paint protection solution. In short, if you want a true ceramic coating, the professional grade route is the best route to go. You may have purchased your first ceramic coating for your car and therefore already know what you want.

That said, here are six reasons why a professional coating like Ceramic Pro 9H is far superior to the best DIY ceramic coatings. Some companies offer homemade surface protection solutions that are nano-ceramic applied for free already. When you read most of the blogs on DIY tile websites, they will actively promote the incredible percentage of SiO2 in their formulas, claiming that the higher percentage of silicon dioxide leads to a stronger and more durable coating.