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when to use ceramic coating?

when to use ceramic coating?
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The ceramic coating protects the car’s paintwork from stains and damage and keeps it cleaner for longer. After application, it also makes it easier to follow up car washes and protects the car from harmful UV rays. The ceramic coating creates an intense water drip and dirt run-off and gives the car an extremely high gloss. Unless you work in a temperature and humidity controlled garage, you will find that the curing times of the nano ceramic coating always vary.

When wiping the ceramic-coated chamois cloth across the surface, always work in a constant side-to-side or up-and-down motion. The ability of a ceramic tile to cure properly depends on ideal drying and curing temperatures, and high temperatures will cause it to solidify too quickly. The reason for this is that even though the tile has cured, it will continue to harden for a week or so. Once all the prep work is complete, you can begin to apply the tile to the vehicle or store it in a garage, away from precipitation, air pollution, curious felines and axe-wielding children.

The first step in creating a clean canvas for the nano tile is to remove any dirt and debris that may be on the surface. The last step in the DIY tile preparation process is to clean the entire vehicle with a properly mixed isopropyl alcohol (IPA) solution. If it starts to feel “crusty” or if you can see the ceramic coating starting to crystallise, replace the cloth with a new one. A professional grade nano ceramic coating such as Ceramic Pro is the most effective and durable solution.

Humidity, heat, wind and other ambient air considerations will affect how a ceramic tile hardens, so follow the manufacturer’s curing recommendations and be patient. From purchasing considerations and prep work suggestions, to quick fixes for clear coat and aftercare, the following guide will show you what it takes to properly apply a nano tile – and make it last. However, more and more dealers are beginning to partner with professional tile or paint protection film installers to offer their services as a financing enhancement. If you live in a region prone to developing rust, such as cold climates that use magnesium chloride to melt ice, or coastal communities with salt water, a nano ceramic coating can significantly reduce the potential for rust.