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what is the best ceramic coating for cars?

what is the best ceramic coating for cars?
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It is also easy to maintain, does not require many trips to the car wash and provides your vehicle with better protection. Other ceramic paint protection products include Ethos PRO – Aerospace Coating Protection ceramic wax. As not all car owners are DIY gurus, one thing to look for in a ceramic coating product is ease of application. Ethos Car Care is a US-based company that focuses more on high quality, locally manufactured ingredients to make products that deliver.

Like many high quality ceramic coatings, you will need to prepare your vehicle thoroughly before the actual application process begins. It is also necessary to wash the car regularly, but avoid using harsh chemicals as they can interact with the coating. The application process for this ceramic coating is simple, requiring only two sprays, cleaning with a microfibre towel and a curing time of 24 hours. Shine Armor Fortify Quick Coat Ceramic Coating has an advanced 3-in-1 formula combined in a convenient spray applicator.

This coating adheres firmly to all types of car paints and can last up to three years, making it one of the most durable ceramic coating products available. Car ceramic coatings can last anywhere from three months to three years, depending on the product you purchase. If you often deal with the elements in your car, spend the extra money and purchase a long-lasting coating, up to three years. Ceramic coatings are hydrophobic, which means they repel water and cause any moisture to be easily wicked away from the surface of the car.

Unlike wax, which only improves the car’s appearance, the coating protects the car from substances such as rust, UV rays and harsh chemicals. It is a great option for novice users who do not have much experience in applying ceramic coatings.