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what is the average cost of ceramic coating?

what is the average cost of ceramic coating?
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This includes the ceramic coating itself and a light machine polishing to prepare the surface. Due to the prohibitive costs of ceramic coatings, they were previously only available to automotive enthusiasts or owners of high-end vehicles. Armor Shield IX has been developed to enable the average automotive consumer to apply a professional, high quality ceramic coating themselves, without the need for a master’s degree in engineering or automotive technology. It is typically a five-day procedure from start to finish that includes a little more preparation work than a DIY ceramic coating to application and curing.

Pro or professional tile is installed by qualified, trained and certified professionals. Whenever you are planning to invest in a nano-ceramic coating product, it is important to start with examining the current condition of the paintwork. Car ceramic coating costs can vary depending on the equipment used, the amount of labour required and the experience of the workforce. The nano-ceramic coating process can take between 1 and 5 days, depending on three main factors: the condition of your car’s paint, the size of your car and the package you choose.

If money wasn’t a consideration, I’m sure we’d all be driving around in Bugattis with full custom paint jobs, vinyl wraps, or PPF that’s covered in ceramic coating. But what makes Armor Shield IX so much better than others? Well, there are several reasons why our DIY nano ceramic coating kit is head and shoulders ahead of the competition. Spray wax is the most common car aftercare product used to improve the life of your ceramic coating installation. Prices for professional ceramic coatings vary depending on location or personal choice of authorised dealers, with some maintaining higher profit margins.

For example, a new silver Porsche 911 will need a single-stage polish to prepare the paintwork for a ceramic coating. At this point, you’ve either decided to get into the tile game, or you’re going to choose paint sealants, car wax or a PPF.