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what is the average cost of ceramic coating a car?

what is the average cost of ceramic coating a car?
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On the other hand, there are frugal people in this world who refuse to spend a single cent on labour, and choose to carry out every step of the tiling process themselves. Coatings that can repel water to such an extent have extremely low slip angles, so that even when drops form, they are instantly removed. On the surface of every car there is a primer, a base coat of paint and a clear coat that protects the paint from external elements. The installation of a professional ceramic coating usually takes 5 days, and includes everything from surface preparation and paint correction to application and curing of the product.

On the other hand, cost is usually related to the amount of money wasted (or time spent) using certain products or services. That said, the size of the vehicle you plan to coat will determine the amount of product you will use, which is precisely why AvalonKing routinely offers discounts for first-time buyers. For a professional, do-it-yourself ceramic coating, elementary maintenance means washing the car every two weeks. Modern vehicles have a clear coat that protects the colour underneath, called the base or colour coat.

The installation of the DIY ceramic coating kit depends entirely on the size of your car, as it can take 4 to 8 hours to do it accurately. Any damage to the surface of your car will be blocked under the ceramic coating if not removed first. First and foremost it is very important that your paintwork is polished to remove any defects before the coating is installed and this is a skill that can be done right or wrong or worse cause more harm than good. A ceramic paint application not only outperforms the protection of a paint sealer, but swirl marks can be removed with paint correction, and produce an incredible shine.

Many companies exaggerate by claiming that ceramic coatings are scratch resistant, but this is not true. Once cured, the coating adheres to the exterior of the car, providing a sacrificial layer of protection, repelling dirt, reducing the swirl marks that occur, and reducing oxidation. Therefore, it is important to weigh up how much your time is worth before opting for the DIY ceramic coating approach.