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what happens if you dont maintain ceramic coating?

what happens if you dont maintain ceramic coating?
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Wear and damage to the paintwork If the ceramiccoating is notproperly washed and maintained, it will shed debris, sunlight, bird droppings and other contaminants. Over time, your vehicle’s factory paintwork is exposed to the environment and eventually becomes damaged. This is because, while most car owners love the excellent shine and finish the car has after ceramic coating, they certainly don’t take proper care of it after coating. As a Ceramic Pro expert, I have come across many customers who complain about their ceramic coating jobs earlier than expected.

A ceramic tile should be washed with a car-specific shampoo that is pH-neutral, wax-free and produces a lot of foam. One of their marketing gimmicks is to tell their customers that the only way to cover a long warranty with a professional Ceramic Pro 9H package is to have the installer or detailer perform all maintenance washes. We hope this has helped clear up the myth of invincibility surrounding ceramic tile and given you some insight into the causes of ceramic failure. In fact, most of our certified car salons are prepared for paint correction, paint protection film installation or tile services.

When you spend a lot of money on a professional ceramic coating, such as Ceramic Pro 9H, it is crucial to protect that investment. In addition, this method is excellent for reducing swirl marks, facilitates the removal of industrial rain or brake dust, and allows the nano ceramic coating to enhance the painted surface, whether in gloss or matte finish. While the 9H hardness is exceptionally durable, continued exposure to dirt, road grime and especially bird droppings or bug guts can slowly start to break down that strong ceramic coating. While a few coats of Ceramic Pro 9H will leave the surface super hydrophobic and therefore easier to keep clean, it’s simply not possible to keep the car 100 lean – all the time.

Again, by definition, these ingredients are ceramic – but they just don’t harden as well as the nano coating will. If you are going to use a maintenance spray for a professional ceramic coating, or a high quality DIY nano coating, always opt for SiO2 Boost. With a fresh ceramic coating, this is not a big problem, it may etch slightly into the surface, but it will not reach the paint. There are a variety of non-contact, hand wash or no-rinse methods that are popular for maintaining the coating.