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what do professionals use for ceramic coating?

what do professionals use for ceramic coating?
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The ceramic coating usually consists of silicon dioxide (silica, Si0 , which is obtained from natural materials such as quartz and sand. Some types and brands also use titanium dioxide (titania, Ti0 as an additional hardening agent. One of the reasons why Ceramic Pro 9H is only applied in a controlled environment and by trained experts is the complexity of the installation. Therefore, professional tiling or tiling elsewhere is carried out by trained personnel in controlled environments and with industrial equipment.

When you opt for DIY ceramic tile, you are usually stuck with all the prep work on the exterior of the car that comes with it. Ceramic Pro 9H has a ceramic coating for car paint, one for windows, a formula for vinyl and PPF, one for leather and one for textiles. There are many advantages to using ceramic coatings, but sometimes advertisements tend to exaggerate their benefits. The most common advertisement you will see for tile is its ability to stay dry and repel water.

When you read most blogs on DIY tile websites, they will actively promote the incredible percentage of SiO2 in their formulas, claiming that the higher percentage of silicon dioxide leads to a stronger and more durable tile. The preparation work for car ceramic coatings consists of a decontamination car wash, a clay bar treatment, a paint correction (if there are imperfections) and a final cleaning of the surface with IPA (isopropyl alcohol). Although many DIY tile coatings can be applied to different materials, these all-in-one solutions simply do not hold up to the same thing. Let’s be clear: a ceramic car coating, regardless of formulation, does not COVER scratches, stains or minor damage to car paintwork.

Industrial or professional ceramic coatings are very high quality sealants that should be handled only by certified professionals. The ceramic clear coat improves the reflective properties of your car and adds more depth, making it appear shinier. OK – technically you can apply several coats of a DIY ceramic coating, and wipe it off with a microfibre towel, but it won’t stick or achieve anything except waste your money. Ceramic tile is usually made from silicon dioxide that can be naturally extracted from quartz and sand.

That said, here are six reasons why a professional coating like Ceramic Pro 9H is far superior to the best DIY ceramic coatings.