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what ceramic coating should i buy?

what ceramic coating should i buy?
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It’s called a ceramic coating (or nano-ceramic coating), and it could add substantial value to your vehicle. But before you make a purchase decision, it’s. That worked five or six years ago, but as more customers heard about ceramic coatings on the Internet, more people were asking retailers about them. The hardness of the tile, for example, suggests that it cannot be scratched by anything but the hardest materials.

Water droplets tend to trap dirt and oils as they roll off, meaning that a car with a ceramic coating will literally get a wash every time it rains. On a perfectly waxed car, water will form droplets, but Stoops says some ceramics are so water-repellent that you’ll see water droplets get under themselves, forming little ball bearings that roll off the car. If you want a glass-smooth paint, you’ll probably have to polish a bit before applying the ceramic coating. The silicone barrier is much harder than any wax, a claim often touted by ceramic marketers.

Although promotional images show immaculate ceramic-coated cars, with paintwork free of swirls and blemishes, a ceramic coating alone will not bring your daily driver any closer to that ideal. After a thorough hand wash, a little claying and polishing, he was able to apply two coats of CarPro’s CQuartz to his VW e-Golf in about four hours. While synthetic sealants represent a big step up from naturally occurring carnauba waxes, ceramics are an even bigger leap. Mike Stoops, global product and training specialist at car care products manufacturer Meguiar’s, explains that a ceramic coating uses the same components as silicon dioxide in glass to form a thicker, tougher protective layer between your car’s paint and the outside world.

Technically true, but the coating applied to the car’s paintwork is too thin to confer any kind of resistance to superhero scratches. And when you go to the trouble of washing a ceramic-coated car with soap and water, dirt and debris come off much more easily.