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is the ceramic coating on cars toxic?

is the ceramic coating on cars toxic?
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One item that has recently emerged from a few potential customers is the DIY car-safe ceramic coating. However, like any other paint protection product, there are some ingredients in a ceramic coating kit that may cause mild irritation to the skin or eyes, or the digestive system if ingested. It makes it easier to clean your car due to its extreme hydrophobic effects, phobic meaning having an extreme aversion to something which in this case would be water. You want your car to always look nice and you are open to try anything that is effective and permanent.

Dry sand, vermiculite or even a microfibre cloth do a stellar job of absorbing a silicon dioxide based ceramic coating when it is still in its liquid state. It is usually applied by hand, mixed with your car’s paint and creates an additional hydrophobic layer of protection. Modesta, Nanolex, CQuartz, Ceramic Pro and IGL Kenzo are some of the most popular brands of ceramic coating today. I live in a place that has a lot of dirty and rocky roads and it is not uncommon for rocks to get up and scratch my car.

Wearing clothing, such as overalls or an apron, along with boots (no flip flops), or a lab coat for all you mad scientists, are a great way to keep your epidermis protected. We’ve seen people coat their windows and mirrors, rain visors and bonnet deflectors, headlights, plastic mouldings, bumpers, wheels, exhaust tips, grill and backup cameras. Once cured, most ceramic coatings will exhibit unhealthy water repellent properties, a higher level of paint gloss, increased abrasion and chemical resistance, and additional UV blockers to prevent fading and paint oxidation. Also, when you have a coating that cannot lose its bond to the paint when a paint correction is needed (and believe me, it will be), you lose the coating and all the money you invested in it.

Once applied correctly, ceramic paint protection should keep your car’s paint safe for a long time. Ceramic coatings have their benefits and if it is within your budget and you want to protect your car, then I would say it is worth it. Unless you have a lot of experience with detailing, I would not advise that you apply ceramic car coating yourself if you have no idea how to go about it. Ceramic paint coating eliminates the need to regularly apply wax and sealants on your car’s paintwork.