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is the ceramic coated exhaust worth it?

is the ceramic coated exhaust worth it?
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A ceramic head coating also provides protection against corrosive materials in the exhaust. Ceramic is a very durable substance that resists corrosion and withstands a great deal of abuse. Therefore, properly coated headers are much more durable than the thinner tubes of uncoated headers. A high-temperature ceramiccoating not only withstands these levels of abuse, but also protects things like electronics and fuel systems from this fiery attack.

Despite being able to withstand temperatures up to 440° Fahrenheit, nano ceramic coatings are not going to offer much on the heat shielding side of things. In addition, the coating helps the casing retain heat inside and process it, which makes for faster hole firings as the turbo spins at a higher speed. When it comes to high-temperature ceramic coatings, there are a wide variety of manufacturers, products and application methods to choose from, and some are much tougher than others. From high-gloss candy apple red to deep matte green to satin metallic shades, high-temperature ceramic tile offers a variety of shades worth looking at.

Applying a high-temperature ceramic coating to both the exterior and interior of an exhaust system helps to improve flow. For turbocharger and supercharger components, the application of a high-temperature ceramic coating helps to maintain lower surface and internal temperatures and therefore reduces the risk of engine overheating problems. In contrast, high-temperature ceramic coatings prefer to harden on a surface, which makes them ideal for heat shielding and gives them excellent pitting and corrosion protection properties. A high temperature coating helps the metal to absorb heat much more quickly and effectively, without losing its colouring, easily improving its appearance.

Although images of the local auto parts shop come to mind when one thinks of a low-temperature ceramic coating spray, professional installers often use milder formulations as well. A ceramic coating is the most important product you can invest in for your equipment, as it not only makes it last much longer by functioning as an exhaust envelope, but also keeps it at peak performance for much longer than expected. In any case, always remember to be safe when applying a ceramic coating product by wearing hand, respiratory and eye protection. Unlike nano-ceramic coatings, which are completely transparent, high-temperature coatings are available in a multitude of colours and paint finishes.

One of the main differences between high-temperature ceramic coating sprays and a DIY nano-ceramic coating such as Armor Shield IX is that one sits on the surface, while the other is embedded in the surface. This does not make one form of ceramic coating better than the other, but gives each its own strengths and weaknesses.