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is it worth to do ceramic coating?

is it worth to do ceramic coating?
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It acts like a clearcoat, but more durable than most factory clearcoats. Therefore, if your car’s paintwork is in an optimum condition, such as when it has just been detailed and polished, the application of ceramic will basically enhance and preserve that. Ceramic coating also ensures that the original coating is safe from dirt, debris or accidental scratches, etc. If money were not a consideration, I’m sure we would all be driving Bugatti’s with full custom paint jobs, vinyl wraps, or PPF that is covered in ceramic coating.

We mentioned earlier that the best DIY ceramic coatings are slightly revised versions of the professional grade coatings. If you are 90% ready to buy a high quality tile kit, there are some important elements to keep in mind that will help you reduce mistakes and produce quality results. In today’s AvalonKing blog, we’ll talk about ceramic coating for your car and definitively answer the question of whether it’s worth it for most consumers. The hydrophobic layer created by the ceramic coating helps to sweep away all the foreign particles that can cause damage.

Unlike other coatings and finishes available on the market, ceramic coating can give your car a shiny, ageless look. Although many auto repair shops provide ceramic coating facilities, some shops like Definition Car Detailing (NSW), Car Detailing Definitive (SYD), Superior Shine, Ceramic Pro Sydney stand out from the rest when it comes to ceramic coating in Sydney. The chemicals in the ceramic coating form a layer over the initial coating and protect it from scratch marks, swirls, etc. Applying a ceramic coating to your vehicle is a lengthy process and you need to be patient throughout the process.

In fact, according to many consumers and professional detailers, Armor Shield IX is one of the strongest ceramic coatings available on the market today – even compared to some professional grade products. Most consumers opt for automotive ceramic coatings because they are looking for a longer lasting, higher quality paint protection product, but don’t want to spend the money to have it applied by a professional. But what makes Armor Shield IX so much better than others? Well, there are several reasons why our DIY nano ceramic coating kit is head and shoulders ahead of the competition. Armor Shield IX was developed to empower the average automotive consumer to apply a high quality professional ceramic coating themselves, without the need for a master’s degree in engineering or automotive technology.