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is it worth getting ceramic coating?

is it worth getting ceramic coating?
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The advantage of a ceramic coating is that the cleaning process will be easier. In addition, having a ceramic coating means that you will no longer have to wax your vehicle every few months, eliminating an important part of the maintenance of your car’s exterior. Applying a ceramic coating to your vehicle is a lengthy process and you must be patient throughout the entire process. A single ceramic coating treatment eliminates all that unwanted hassle of having to constantly re-wax your vehicle every few months.

If you are 90% ready to purchase a high quality tile kit, there are some important elements to keep in mind that will help you reduce mistakes and achieve quality results. In fact, according to many consumers and professional detailers, Armor Shield IX is one of the strongest ceramic coatings available on the market today – even compared to some professional grade products. The ceramic coating works at the molecular level to create a filler in the tiny pores of your vehicle’s paint and create a high gloss finish with a hydrophobic surface. A professional expert will then apply the ceramic coating to your car depending on the type of vehicle, the service you have purchased and the quality of the product.

These are all time-consuming processes and be prepared to spend a full week of man-hours to finish applying the coating. Once the ceramic coating is applied, your vehicle will have the shine and lustre of a car that has just been detailed, even if you haven’t washed it for a month. However, you may be confused about many things such as which paint to apply, is the hype about ceramic coating valid, is it better than other popular coatings such as waxing and polishing, and is it worth the high price? There is a lot of conflicting information about tile, so it can be tedious to judge its credibility. Yes, ceramic coatings can be one of the most expensive options when it comes to protecting your car.

With the increasing rate of air pollution, ceramic tile plays an important role in preventing such stains. Ceramic coating is a polymeric chemical solution with intrinsic characteristics to resist external threats to the exterior paintwork of your car. Ceramic coating will not only provide a superior layer of protection for your car’s paintwork (than normal wax), but will also save you money in the long run, as you will not have to pay for ongoing waxing every few months. Whenever you plan to invest in a nano-ceramic coating product, it is important to start by examining the current state of the paintwork.

With a ceramic coating you will have much better surface protection compared to a normal sealer, or wax. The chemicals in the ceramic coating form a layer on top of the initial coating and protect it from scratch marks, swirls, etc.