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is ceramic coating worth it reddit?

is ceramic coating worth it reddit?
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If you’re going to correct the paint anyway, there’s not much difference in price. There is a lot of marketing nonsense out there, especially a recent glut of over-the-counter spray “coatings”, but a real coating, regardless of the useless “h” number on the side, can offer great benefits. As a hobbyist, I have been playing with coatings for the last 3 years, looking for the best one to suit my particular needs. Ceramics have been around for a long time and I don’t understand why a bunch of retailers are sceptical about it.

If it is a darker colour, I would strongly recommend a one step polish before the coating or ceramic. Although coatings are often marketed as “scratch resistant”, with fancy phrases like “Diamond infused 10h hardness”, it is largely irrelevant. Furthermore, while coatings are not scratch-proof, there are some coatings that offer some “limited self-healing” features. Considering that a light to medium polish will remove 90 percent of the coatings out there (a VERY FEW professional-only products, like 1 or 2, are the exceptions) polishing a coated car will probably result in sadness.

I haven’t put a ceramic coating on before but there’s also the cost of the little applicator towels and the cost of the microfiber towel you have to throw away. Over time the paint lost its elegant feel, but the water remained very nice and washing the car was easier (compared to my wife’s car which was not coated). On the other hand, clear coating is also susceptible to the same, but can be maintained by polishing and resealing for the life of the car for a fraction of that cost. I explain to my customers ceramic coat ings exactly as they should be, and exactly as their title calls them.

Right now their car has a 22PLE VX3 coating that is going on three years old, and still beads water as well as it did when it was freshly applied. The car still needs maintenance, you hear people say “never wax again” but it’s actually a good idea to apply a sealant designed for one coat once or twice a year. I have been looking for the best in terms of wax, glaze, polish, ceramic coating since I posted this. There are some “coating fixer” products out there (IGL Renew, I think, and CarPro Essence ) but I guess at best it’s a very, very fine polish and a lot of “durable fillers”).

The water has stayed like it did when the coating was new all the time, except in the really battered areas, like the rockers.