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is ceramic coating permanent?

is ceramic coating permanent?
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Ceramic coating is a semi-permanent or permanent coating (depending on the type) that is applied to the exterior of your vehicle to protect against external paint damage. It is a nanoscopic paint treatment that is applied in liquid form, but cures to form a hard coating on your vehicle’s paintwork. Due to the hydrophobic properties of the ceramic coated surface, most contaminants, including dirt, insect stains and bird droplets, cannot penetrate the ceramic coated surface and therefore it is easier to clean and maintain the surface. There are some ceramic tiles that do not have a hardness of 9H, just as there are some that advertise a hardness of 10H (which is simply not possible).

That said, 9H is the highest possible hardness on this scale, which is what most tile products advertise. Although there are many differences in ingredient percentage, quality and application instructions, which influence the overall quality of the product, ceramic coatings are all liquid polymers that chemically bond to a surface to create a microscopic, semi-permanent layer of protection. The hydrophobicity of the PDMS-based ceramic coating is formed during the curing process, when the -Si-O-Si- bond is formed. The ceramic coating is usually dry to the touch in a matter of hours, but the complete curing process usually takes 5-7 days.

Most of the best tile is sold in complete do-it-yourself kits, which contain everything needed to do the job properly. While most coatings in the industry are “strong smelling, coatings formulated by IGL Coatings are low or zero VOC, which means less VOC by-product emissions during curing. There are multiple additional ingredients that make up most ceramic coatings, which can be found on the MSDS sheet for these products. Ceramic coatings are semi-permanent, which means they provide a durable layer of protection that will protect the paint surface from exposure to rain, snow, hail or frequent car washes.

IGL Coatings is a multi-award winning Malaysian technology company based in Shah Alam that focuses on developing innovative, disruptive and sustainable nanotechnology products. That said, there are many facts about ceramic coatings that need to be explained to explain how these amazing paint protection products work. We will explain some of the ingredients, when they should or should not be used, and explain the differences between good ceramic coatings and fake ones. It is recommended to leave the vehicle in the garage or in a low temperature and dusty environment to reduce the chance of contaminants adhering to the ceramic coating being cured.

PDMS are commonly used in the formulation of ceramic coatings as they are generally non-toxic, inert, non-flammable, optically clear, and have excellent thermal and UV stability.