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how often do you need to reapply ceramic coating?

how often do you need to reapply ceramic coating?
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Armor Shield IX ceramic coating is ideal for your vehicle because it forms a permanent bond with the body of your car when applied. The ceramic coating helps protect your vehicle against rust, corrosion, erosion and makes it easier to maintain and avoids the costly expense of paint correction. The preparation process for re-coating is more or less the same as the work you did when the initial installation was carried out, however, if you have been able to maintain a generally swirl-free finish, and do not need to carry out a paint correction, preparation and re-coating is a relatively quick and simple job. Eventually, however, you will need to remove the excess ceramic coating if you want to reapply it to your precious vehicle.

When the vehicle is completely dry, use an IPA spray or tile cleaner for final preparation before reapplying the new coating. Most professional detailers swear by the use of a polishing compound and orbital polishers as the best way to remove a newer ceramic coating. However, being proactive and applying a tile can help ensure that the colour does not fade easily or quickly. In most cases, if you don’t want to reapply a new coating, carnauba wax, clear bra or paint protection product, you will remove ceramic coatings to fix damage to the body of a car, truck or SUV.

Ceramic coatings require occasional maintenance to maximise their lifespan, as they weaken slightly over time when exposed to the elements. As explained above, DIY nano-ceramic coatings are intended to provide a semi-permanent layer of protection, which means that they will eventually wear away. However, the removal of ceramic coatings also depends on your comfort level and experience with medium to advanced paint correction techniques. If you have a high quality ceramic tile, with a SiO2 percentage higher than 80, it is best to remove it with a clay bar and a hand wash.