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how long does ceramic coating actually last?

how long does ceramic coating actually last?
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The new coating must not only last a long time, but also protect the vehicle against attacks from weathering and environmental contaminants. When ceramic paint coatings first came onto the market, car owners often wanted to know how well the coating held up compared to other forms of paint protection. The vehicle’s paint is protected by a very durable coating that keeps it safe from all kinds of contaminants. The cost of applying the ceramic coating is well worth it and can be achieved at marginal cost when you do it yourself.

Although you should not expose your vehicle to harsh conditions, this coating ensures that it can effectively reduce the fading of the car’s colour. However, being proactive and applying a ceramic coating can help by ensuring that the colour does not fade easily or quickly. Ceramic coating is like factory paint but with better features such as multiple layers and has long-lasting results. A big concern car owners have when considering installing a ceramic paint coating for their vehicle is how long the coating will last.

If you enjoy washing your car, then you will enjoy the ease with which dirt is removed from the surface of the car with the application of ceramic. The bond strength is so strong that the only way to remove the coating is through abrasion, such as machine compounding or sanding. After the application of the primary coating, a second protective layer is applied to keep it safe from all kinds of contaminants and to improve its durability. Opti-Coat Pro causes a chemical reaction with its clear coat, resulting in a solid permanent coating.

Thus, with Ceramic Pro 9H, the car’s surface is protected against damage caused by improper washing and drying, weathering, UV rays and other contaminants.