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how is a ceramic-coated car maintained?

how is a ceramic-coated car maintained?
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We recommend that customers maintain a washing routine consisting of proper hand washing at least every two weeks. As your coating becomes covered with dirt and contamination, you will notice a decrease in hydrophobic properties (i.e. it is important to remove these surface contaminants frequently). When your ceramic coated car is not properly maintained by regular washing and protection from UV rays and other harmful elements, the ceramic coating begins to lose its hydrophobicity.

Although it will take some time to show a noticeable decrease, constant exposure without routine maintenance can prematurely wear the coating, increase water spotting and reduce the self-cleaning attributes of a ceramic-coated surface. My recommendation is to stick with the same brand of tile aftercare products, as the same brand products are specifically manufactured to complement each other. Not only are they pH neutral, but because they contain Si02, they will also act as a “top protector” for your tile. At a minimum, you should use a pH neutral shampoo and always avoid aggressive cleaning products (which will drastically shorten the life of your tile).

A ceramic coating is a considerable investment, and unless you want to throw it all down the drain, you should not wash your car for at least a week after application. Without maintenance, ceramic coatings degrade prematurely and, before long, your paintwork is exposed to harmful elements. If you have seen the video posted above, you probably have a pretty good idea of how ceramic coatings work. This means that if any of them end up on your tile paint, they should be removed immediately.

Contact me if you would like to schedule a ceramic coating maintenance service plan to keep the coating performance on your car looking like new. They require proper and regular maintenance to keep the coated surface free of contaminants and defects for the duration of the warranty. Products such as CarPro Reset are specifically designed for use with coatings and provide a gentle cleaning action that is safe for your protection. Remember that although ceramic coatings offer great performance, they are not “bulletproof and “set and forget” applications.

It is not necessary to apply a sealer for additional protection of a tile, as coatings are the toughest coatings that can be added to paint with extended durability. There are some siding companies that swear by using a specific type of soap for washing (which, ironically, they sell as secondary maintenance products).