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does the ceramic coating fill the scratches?

does the ceramic coating fill the scratches?
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While it is true that the tile worksby filling those small surface imperfections, the claim that it fixes the actual damage is not true. Through a process called “levelling, scratches are filled with residue after the clear coating has been removed. There is a big difference between actually repairing the paint and merely protecting it, and tile is intended for the latter. Let’s talk about what a ceramic coating actually does on the car, its merits and what it should be before using it.

When a ceramic coating is applied to a porous surface, it fills in those microscopic imperfections to provide a completely flat and incredibly hard layer of protection. Most car owners apply nano-ceramic coating to their vehicles to protect the paint against bad weather, debris, chemicals and more. While it is true that the ceramic coating is scratch-resistant but not scratch-proof, its application on the paint still offers many advantages and reduces the risk of swirl marks. Ceramic coatings prevent staining and make future exterior cleaning an easy process.

Ceramic coatings adhere on a nano-chemical level to the surface of your car, not topically, so your original paintwork and the coating itself become one unit. To make things easier for you, look for a nano ceramic solution that is a one-coat application process, meaning you only apply it once and don’t need to do any extra work. Also, remember that a very good nano ceramic coating formula should protect your vehicle from scratches for a minimum of 3 years. If you ask most car owners why they use a ceramic coating, it’s all about protecting the paintwork from exposure to the elements, dirt, chemicals, etc.

Whether you use car wax, paint sealants, PPF or a ceramic coating, having a protective layer over the clear coat will provide a sacrificial layer to reduce the potential for damaging scratches or swirl marks. This is the rallying point that tile manufacturers rely on, claiming that if their paint has chipped or cracked, simply spraying a coating over it will solve the problem. A common myth is that using a microfibre towel will remove possible swirl marks on clear coats. However, what car owners and detailers should be aware of is that ceramic coating does not improve the paint itself.