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can you apply ceramic coating yourself?

can you apply ceramic coating yourself?
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It would not only be more cost effective, but also more time efficient to get the tile right the first time. When tiling inyour garage, if you do not have adequate lighting, you would have to drive in and out of the vehicle to check the coating. Shake the tile bottle vigorously before applying 6 to 10 drops to the surface of the fabric. The final step in the tile preparation process is to clean the entire vehicle with a properly mixed isopropyl alcohol (IPA) solution.

If it starts to feel “crusty”, or if you can see the tile starting to crystallise on it, replace the cloth with a new one. Do not skip the clay procedure, as, contrary to common belief, clay decontamination products do not damage the clear coat of your car or damage the window glass. The ceramic coating shines, just like the paint, and you have a short time to clean it properly. If you are a detailer or if you are someone who is looking to ceramic coat your own vehicle, just be aware to take the important paint correction and polishing steps before committing to doing this service yourself.

The moment you see that iridescent haze start to form, lightly buff the coated area with a clean microfibre towel until that rainbow look disappears. Please note, however, that you will have to wait at least seven days before giving the coating its first wash. This applies to all care cases, regardless of whether you are in the surface preparation phase, in the tile application stage or simply giving your vehicle a wash with a maintenance shampoo. So keep this in mind if you plan to tile your vehicle in an open carport or some other form of partially enclosed shelter.

For those unfamiliar with the mandatory tile steps, here is a short checklist.