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can the ceramic coating damage the paintwork?

can the ceramic coating damage the paintwork?
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Ceramic tile cannot damage your paint, no matter what you do. Every scratch, swirl mark, haze or other imperfection will remain for the life of the tile. The only way to remove a ceramic coating after it has cured is to remove the sandpaper and sand, then polish and then finish the entire car. In addition, the ceramic coating needs to be maintained with frequent brushless washes (to avoid swirls and scratches) and an occasional treatment with a special spray which, fortunately, owners can do themselves.

Unlike wax, for example, a ceramic coating adheres and bonds to the car’s paintwork and cannot simply be wiped off and reapplied. When applying a durable, high quality ceramic coating, chemicals will NOT be able to penetrate the hardness of the 9H coating. Where you are on this spectrum will dictate the amount of time and money you are willing to spend, and whether an expensive ceramic coating is a worthwhile investment. Perhaps more important than the cost of a tile is the unrealistic expectations some people have for the outcome.

Because the tile will magnify any imperfections, you must first painstakingly polish the paint to remove any swirls, scratches or discolouration. Experts say this applies even to new cars fresh from the dealership, as they are likely to have slight paint damage from going through an automatic car wash. The ceramic coating, which is essentially a hard shell, prevents water spots, road grime, bird droppings and other substances from reaching the paintwork and damaging it. The main idea is to prevent dirt, grime and stain marks from getting on the paintwork and ruining the clear coat.

Without a doubt, ceramic coating is a way to keep your vehicle much cleaner and shinier, as well as providing overall protection. Modesta, Nanolex, CQuartz, Ceramic Pro and IGL Kenzo are some of the most popular brands of ceramic coating today. Although ceramic-coated vehicles do not need to be waxed or polished frequently, it is still advisable to give them a wash every two weeks. To understand ceramic coatings, it is useful to first look at the most common paint protection products.