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can i do ceramic coating myself?

can i do ceramic coating myself?
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Just make sure you move quickly, because if you wait too long your ceramic tile is going to get super hazy, at which point it will become a real bastard of a removal operation. The reason for this is that even though the tile has cured, it will continue to harden for a week or so. Make sure that the first application has had enough time to harden, and be aware that nano-ceramic coatings do not stack well after the second coat has hardened. Regardless of whether you are applying a nano ceramic coating, a paint sealer or even a paint protection film (PPF), the key to a successful installation depends heavily on proper prep work.

Most ceramic coatings adhere best when applied to a clean surface that is around the 70° Fahrenheit mark, in an environment with relatively low humidity levels. If it starts to feel “crunchy” or if you can see the tile starting to crystallise, replace the cloth with a new one. Another of the big myths about DIY tile is that it improves and removes imperfections in the car’s paintwork. I plan to apply the coating in the middle of the day in the garage when it is in the right temperature range.

So don’t skip the coating procedure, because, contrary to common belief, clay decontamination products will not damage your car’s clear coat or damage window panes. For those looking to prolong the life of their nano-ceramic coating, here are some additional aftercare tips to keep in mind. The ability of a ceramic coating to cure properly depends on ideal drying and curing temperatures, and high temperatures will cause it to solidify too quickly. So keep this in mind if you plan to ceramic coat your vehicle in an open carport or other partially enclosed shelter.

As the nano-ceramic coating begins to bond and harden, excess product is forced to the surface, creating a rainbow effect, almost like when oil and water mix. Nano-ceramic coatings protect surfaces, increase gloss and magnify what adheres, and do NOT cover defects.