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can ceramic coating be used on glass?

can ceramic coating be used on glass?
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The thickness of the coating can cause the wiper blade to wobble and, in doing so, the tension can tear the coating. A professional nano-ceramic coating is only applied in a certified car showroom, in a controlled environment, and by expert detailers with years of experience. When properly prepared and applied as recommended, the coating can protect your windscreen for 2 to 5 years. The ceramic coating is hydrophobic, which means it provides a flat, smooth surface that is resistant to water.

So my question is whether the coating is already done on new cars or does it have to be done after purchase? Although there are several ceramic spray glass coating products used by the professional detailer or others that help improve the hydrophobic properties, the main problem with them is longevity. The use of glass cleaners is not recommended as the chemicals will gradually penetrate the protective layer of the ceramic coating and reduce the hydrophobic properties. We will explain the science behind a nano-protective coating and why applying DIY ceramic coatings to windscreens is not as complicated as advertised. The best way to show the difference between a coated and uncoated windscreen is to show a real-world example.

It is important to clarify that although the coating adheres to the surface, it does not always penetrate small imperfections in the surface. Ceramic tile is also UV resistant, which helps in terms of clarity, as there is less glare from the sun that can spoil the view. However, there are more reasons why applying ceramic coating to glass is better than waxes and is a smart investment for car, SUV and truck owners.