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are ceramic coating?

are ceramic coating?
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If you decide to find a bodyshop for paint correction and tile treatment, there are several manufacturers of the professional products, and each bodyshop tends to specialise in one product line. Ceramic coating is usually composed of silicon dioxide (silica, Si0 , which is obtained from natural materials such as quartz and sand. There are some nano-ceramic coatings that protect against heat and UV exposure, but this does not make the vehicle fireproof. The ceramic coating creates an intense water and dirt drip and gives the car an extremely high gloss.

Because of its level of attention to detail, ceramic coating jobs can take days and cost anywhere from several hundred dollars to a couple of thousand. Without a doubt, ceramic coating is a way to keep your vehicle much cleaner and shinier, as well as providing overall protection. Ceramic coating protects a car’s paint from stains and damage, while keeping it cleaner for longer. True ceramic coating is a long-lasting automotive exterior paint treatment and protector that is applied in liquid form and cures to form a hard coating on the paint.

When applying a high quality and durable ceramic coating, chemicals will however NOT be able to penetrate the hardness of the 9H coating. Ceramic coating is basically a newer and more advanced way of protecting paint than previous waxes or sealants. Depending on how seriously you take your car care, some ceramic treatments come in concentrated kits, others come as hybrid waxes, and others are sold as no work wet sprays. Some, such as Mothers CMX ceramic spray coating and Meguiar’s ceramic wax spray, are simpler solutions that you can easily use at home.

Although vehicles with ceramic coatings do not need to be waxed or polished frequently, it is still advisable to give them a wash every two weeks. Ceramic coatings initially gained popularity as a professional service provided by detailers, but recently they have become more available, more affordable and easier to use. Be sure not to leave any contaminants, dirt or oily film on the car, as the ceramic coating will not be able to seal properly.