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are ceramic coating worth it?

are ceramic coating worth it?
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The ceramic coating also ensures that the original coating is safe from dirt, debris or accidental scratches, etc. Because they last so long, many people like to do a paint correction beforehand so as not to block existing swirls and defects, as the coating will peel off if an attempt is made to correct these defects after application. Ceramic coating is a polymeric chemical solution with intrinsic characteristics to resist external threats to your car’s exterior paint. A professional expert will then apply the ceramic coating to your car depending on the type of car, the service you have purchased and the quality of the product.

Although the coating applied to the paint may technically be “harder” than the clear coat, the reality is that it is such an infinitesimal difference that it is virtually meaningless. Although the hydrophobic property of the ceramic coating slides away water-based contaminants, the natural minerals and other particles present in these contaminants remain on the surface. In addition, although coatings are not scratch-proof, there are some coatings that offer some “limited self-healing” features. Just look up ceramic read a lot of stuff, get excited, get convinced, realise it’s snake oil, get convinced again as it was due to misapplication, order some super slicky licky ceramic topper, be satisfied for a day or two and realise that the car will still look dirty fast as f*ck.

Applying a ceramic coating to your vehicle is a long process and you need to have patience throughout the whole process. I have tried a lot of coatings over the last 3 years, looking for one that offered the best protection and self-cleaning characteristics I could find, especially with black paint in mind. What the coatings offer is great resistance to environmental contamination and excellent self-cleaning characteristics. If you decide to find a bodyshop to do your paint correction and tile treatment, there are several manufacturers of professional products, and each bodyshop tends to specialise in one product line.

These are all lengthy processes & be prepared to commit a full week’s worth of man hours to have the coating completed. With the increasing rate of air pollution, tile plays an important role in preventing these stains. I have been looking for the best in terms of wax, glaze, polish, ceramic tile since I posted this.