SYSTEM 51 Production Cut 1 Gallon



All new ULTRA FAST cutting compound

Introducing SYSTEM 51’s most aggressive, fastest cutting compound. You won’t believe the power of this fast cut compound! You’ll be amazed by the leveling ability and power to cut even the hardest finishes but you’ll be shocked at the fine finish left behind this cutting edge technology.

Save time in your buffing cycle with the all new SYSTEM 51 Production Cut compound. Designed with the pro in mind, Production Cut combines waterborne technology with advanced abrasive materials capable of removing 1,200 grit sanding scratches. Safe to use with rotary and/or DA polishers. Production Cut is safe for all automotive finishes, gel coats and marine coatings. It will not adhere to surface or discolor trim.

Use with a wool pad on a rotary polisher or a microfiber pad on a DA polisher for best results.


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