SYSTEM 51 Pro Cut Compound Gallon



SYSTEM 51 Pro Cut cutting polish is specifically formulated water-borne product for professionals seeking a more aggressive cutting polish. Pro Cut will polish any painted surface to an even and consistent finish while dramatically minimizing the chance for surface burn. Pro Cut is basically the same product as the Perfect Cut but with twice the cutting power. People have referred to the Pro Cut as liquid sand paper in the boating industry. We recommend using the Perfect Cut following the Pro Cut to achieve that swirl free finish. We also recommends using the Replenish Wax to protect the freshly polished surface. The Pro Cut, Perfect Cut and the Replenish Wax are all water-borne products to keep in mind.

SYSTEM 51 Pro Cut is the best “fast cut” compound on the market and will work great with a DA or rotary polisher. We recommend using it with microfiber cutting pads on a DA for best results or with wool cutting pads on a rotary polisher.


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