SYSTEM 51 Perfect Cut Polish Gallon



SYSTEM 51 Perfect Cut polish is about one thing and that is making the chore of polishing and protecting paint as simple as possible!

SYSTEM 51 Perfect Cut polish is a new concept in polishing paint that works with one product. The basic idea is simple use one product to remove color sand scratches for the body shop and the same product to produce a prefect shine on any surface in all detailing shops or on any polish able surface including wood and plastic.

Polishing has been preformed since cars have been on the scene in the last 100 or so years. The biggest problem with that is the products and the techniques have not. SYSTEM 51 is all about change, changing not because I want to sell product but changing because there was a serious problem that I feel was not being addressed. The biggest problem is how to produce a swirl free surface without cover up products.

For the Body Shop, imagine one product that takes you from color sanding to a perfect shine. Use a wool pad to remove color sanding scratches and a foam pad to remove scratches left by the wool pad. No longer worry about cross-contamination between multiple polishes, since you are using just one polish. Also, unlike other compounds, there is no harsh odor or staining. The polish is water-based, so cleanup is a snap.

For detailers, enjoy high-quality finishes with one pad. For tough oxidation and scratches, start with a wool pad and follow-up with a foam pad. Any polish splattered on the windows or trim cleans up easy with soap and water. Best of all, no more swirl marks!

For the do-it-yourselfer, polishing has never been easier or safer!  You can polish without the worry of burning your paint or wearing down edges.  This product is perfectly safe for all finishes and you don’t need to be an expert to produce a showroom shine.

Please note that this product has had it’s name changed. SYSTEM 51 Perfect Cut Polish is now called “System 51 Perfect Cut” Polish. The manufacturer has assured us that the formula is the same and the only change is in the name and packaging. Please excuse our pictures and descriptions as we transition from the old name and packaging to the new name and packaging

Features and Benefits:

  • One product replaces three polishing compounds
  • White residues will flake off when dry, as the amalgam has an anti-static base
  • Does not stick to paintwork like other products
  • No swirl marks after polishing
  • Environmentally-friendly, lowest solvent content
  • Non-toxic, water-based
  • Will not separate if left to stand
  • No solvent aroma or fumes
  • Highest surface coverage saves money
  • DetailingGurus recommends either a Dewalt Rotary Polisher or a DA polisher like a Rupes 21 Bigfoot.


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