Surbuf R Series Cutting Pad (2 pack)

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Surbuf R Series buffing pads feature the patented MicroFingers® technology and are designed specifically for use on random orbit sanders/polishers with hook-and-loop fastening. Surbuf’s exclusive MicroFingers® technology produces a better finish than traditional hand-rubbed. Use for staining, waxing, and polishing wood, automobiles, boats, and other solid surfaces. All oil based wood stains, paste and liquid waxes, surface cleaners, and polishes can be used.

These pads when used with a DA Polisher can level paint at a VERY fast rate.  Use it with an aggressive compound like SYSTEM 51 Pro Cut this combo can cut down your buffing time greatly! With proper technique, you can level 1,500 grit sand scratches and be ready for final polish in a fraction of the time (when compared to traditional rotary 3 step buffing processes).

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