Lake Country 6″ White CCS Polishing Pad

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Foam pads are used in conjunction with polishing compounds such as SYSTEM 51 Perfect Cut. Together, the foam pad and polishing compound is able to remove fine swirls and reduce the appearance of scratches by “blending” sharp edges, making them less reflective and thereby less visible to the eye.

Lake Country CCS pads are a revolutionary new design that helps to eliminate a common problem inherent with foam pads – absorption. Open cell foam, as used in polishing pads, quickly absorbs the polishing compound.lc_ccs_xsection

This leaves the surface unlubricated and subject to the full abrasive power of the polishing pad, which can cause the pad to skip  and cause marring in the finish. The conventional method for dealing with this problem has been to simply utilize more product to ensure proper lubrication and maximum gloss. CCS pads reduce absorption with partially closed cells on the surface of the pad that help trap polishing compounds and ensure even dispersion onto the working surface. This gives the detailer more working time before the compound is absorbed or broken down, reduces product utilization and maximizes coverage.

Be sure to pick up some Snappy Clean Pad Cleaning Powder to keep your pads looking and performing like brand new!

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