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Washing your car is the number one source for swirls and scratches. Without the proper tools and techniques, it is dangerously easy to instil swirls and scratches into your car’s paint. Using the best car wash media is a crucial piece in the formula to keeping your finish as close to flawless as possible.

The GuruFiber Microfiber Wash Sponge is the ultimate car wash tool. It is designed, with the auto enthusiest in mind, to gently pull dust, dirt and grime away from the vehicle surface where it cannot scratch. The non-split micro fibers, unlike most microfiber cleaning products, easily release the collected debris when rinsed with a hose.

When maintained properly, this microfiber wash sponge will provide you superior performance for years to come. The durable construction makes this sponge very easy to clean. Just soak in a citrus was solution like Snappy Clean powder for several hours or overnight and then rinse in warn clean water. You can air dry it or use a dryer with NO FABRIC SOFTENER on a low heat setting.


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