GuruFiber 5 ½ Inch Microfiber Cutting Pad

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GuruFiber Microfiber Cutting Pads give your dual action polisher the ability to remove serious paint defects quickly! Swirl marks, scratches, oxidation, and fine grade wet sanding marks can be removed from all paint systems including factory finishes, after market systems, single stage lacquers, and gel-coat surfaces.

Comes TWO (2) in a pack!

Plush, dense and durable GuruFiber Microfiber Cutting Pad fibers combined with a firm foam backing structure for DA pads and a soft, thick and durable foam backing for the rotary version make your polishing experience a breeze. Available in 5 ½”, and 6 ½”.

The benefits of microfiber pads versus foam pads for compounding and polishing? It’s quite simple, actually. Microfiber pads are constructed of thousands of strands of microfiber and these fibers provide more cut because they’re actually a form of abrasive. Lake Country Ultra-Fiber Microfiber Pads take this concept a step further by utilizing microfiber loops that are more plush and more dense compared to other microfiber pads. These fibers are sewn closer together which means the Ultra-Fiber Microfiber Pads cut more, finish nicer, and more importantly, last longer.

The latest in laminating technology gives all GuruFiber Microfiber Cutting Pads the durability to stand up to repeated use. A Velcro brand hook and loop attachment allows the GuruFiber Pads to attach to any 5 inch or smaller dual action backing plate securely. We recommend using the Dual Action Flexible 5 inch Backing Plate for maximum polishing power.

For best results clean the GuruFiber microfiber surface frequently while polishing. Use a Pad Conditioning Brush or compressed air to remove caked on polish residue and fluff the microfiber. GuruFiber Microfiber Cutting Pads are machine washable and reusable. After polishing you can wash them in your washing machine with a high quality microfiber detergent such as Snappy Clean and allow to air dry.