5½ Inch Crimson Ultra Finishing Pad

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5½ Inch Crimson Ultra Finishing Pads are designed specifically for the application of water-based polishes and waxes. European pre-polymer foam prolongs the working time so you have more time to create a flawless finish. This is our finest finishing pad for either jeweling the paint or applying a protection like waxes and sealants. The flat pads maintain full contact with the paint, and they have enough flexibility to hug the curves and contours of your vehicle.

When you have completed compound and polishing your finish to a flawless finish, grab the 5½ Inch Crimson Ultra Finishing Pad along with a 5″ flexible backing plate on any DA polisher and apply your favorite wax or sealant to the paint. 5½ Inch Crimson Ultra Finishing Pads work with any types or waxes or sealants but they’re pre-polymer composition makes them ideal for water-based products.

The crimson foam is designed to apply waxes, glazes, and sealants in flawless, even coats without causing swirls. The soft foam has very light polishing ability, making it a great choice for cleaner waxes, too. Since the crimson pad is made of pre-polymer foam, it does not soak up liquid waxes and paint sealants like some finishing pads can. You’ll be able to cover more paint with less product.