Welcome to Detailing Gurus, were we aim to provide the amateur detailer with knowledge regarding auto detailing, and quality products to achieve the protection and shine that your car deserves. Our tutorials and videos will help provide a level of comfort and understanding for detailers that are just starting out in the world of professional auto detailing. We show you the tricks of the trade that can save you thousands of dollars in costly repaint jobs, and provide you with world-class and affordable products that have been tested and reviewed by other detailers just like you.

DetailingGurus was founded in 2006 by Dan Ponjican, in partnership with his brother, Sam Ponjican.

Having a strong passion for automotive detailing and automobiles in general has led them to begin a part-time mobile detailing service. Their commitment to consistently reach high levels of perfection in the craft quickly opened DetailingGurus doors to serve clientele who also work diligently to maintain their high-end sports and luxury automobiles.

The formula for achieving high levels of perfection is centered around a small number of core products and a heavy emphasis on Dan and Sam’s painstaking technique.

In 2007, the retail segment of the business launched in an effort to not only provide essential, high quality detailing products, but also to create a site that would encourage the automotive enthusiast to feel comfortable enough with the basic techniques of auto detailing to learn the craft as well.

Utilizing their background in engineering and manufacturing, Dan and Sam worked with suppliers to deliver high-end detailing products that exceed the quality of products typically found at automotive retail outlets. This research has enabled a greater degree of perfection from demanding enthusiasts.

The Owners
Dan and Sam graduated with their Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering, and share a strong passion for fine automobiles. This passion was passed down to them at an early age. The appreciation for all things automotive developed into an enthusiasm for cleaning, detailing and ultimately restoring fine cars after Dan and Sam Ponjican’s parents immigrated to the United States from a dreary existence in Communist Eastern Europe. The ability to readily obtain many cars that were unheard of behind the iron curtain led to the exposure of a diverse range of exciting automobiles. From American big block Muscle Cars, to sporty Japanese and German coupes, there was always a unique driving machine in their garage on which they enjoyed working.

Dan, after developing a career in the administration of Computer Aided Design software for the transportation and commercial industry, found himself applying the methodology for developing CAD training materials towards the instruction in the craft of automotive detailing. He chose to do this in a straightforward way that eliminates the “smoke and mirrors” type of marketing that “wash and wax” guys have employed for decades. Attempting to elevate the standard and remove the shroud of mystery from the craft, Dan uses sound engineering principles paired with science to help the enthusiast at home understand the process rather than simply emulate it, with “guaranteed results”.

As a Project Engineer at an aerospace company, Sam strengthens the company’s technical expertise and aids in technical writing for DetalingGurus™ instructional materials. Testing and reviewing new products to uncover what sets one apart from another is critical to selecting and providing the best automotive detailing supplies as well as instructing the end user on the most efficient application of these products.
Rather than simply selling an overly complex process that requires an extensive and confusing line of products that serve to frustrate the enthusiast and lead to compromised results, Dan and Sam focus on ensuring the end user is successful in achieving outstanding results in each and every detailing experience.